Get a guide dog

Guide dogs are responsible for the safety of people with visual impairment.

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Get a guide dog

  • Supporting

    • Adoption and education are provided free of charge.
    • Costs of medicine and vaccination are provided every year.
    • The trainers visit twice a year for follow up and
      conduct occasional visit as needed.
      • Follow-up content
      • · Check the walking and health conditions
        · Support necessary for adapting to the environment of moving,
          getting or changing jobs
        · Provide additional education for safety and health of guide dogs

    • You can get free medical treatment at the school hospital.


    • Responsibility of taking care of the guide dog as a new family
    • You can apply if you are blind or low vision.
      • If you have multiple disabilities such as diabetes, hearing impairment,
          physical or mental disability, depth interview will be conducted to
          determine adoption.
    • Adults over 19 years old (Graduated high school)
    • You should stay at indoor residence such as apartment, villa, dormitory, work place.
    • Verify that you have a sense of walking that can direct the guide dog using a cane or residual vision.
    • There should be a daily destination to maintain activity.
      • School → Student, Working place → Worker or Self employment
      • Other social activity → Homemaker, Freelancer
    • You should participate in campus(2weeks) and local(2weeks) education.
      • Campus education : Living in the Guide dog school dormitory without a companion and learning daily care of dog(meal, dog toileting, bathing), walking education.
      • Local education : Learning adaptation education in living environment such as home,
          work and so on.
    • You should be no health problems(allergy, rhinitis) as dog's hair loss is severe.


    • Phone interviw : Check the qualification
    • Fill out the application form through E-mail
    • Primary interview : Trainer visits the house to check the environment.
    • Secondary interview : Visit the home with a guide dog for matching.
    • Education / Adoption : After campus and local education you can adopt the guide dog.

    Application : 031-320-8922

    • Operation hour : Mon. ~ Fri, 8:00~17:00(exept weekends)