Dog adoption

Guide dogs help people with visual impairment walk safely and can be good companion animals.

Dog adoption

    As a result of the guide dog training, we have concluded that a two- year old retriever is more qualified to ba a family member than to be a guide dog.

  • Qualifications

    • All family members must agree to adopt a dog.
      • You should not have any health problems(allergy, rhinitis, etc.)
           as dog's hair loss is severe.
      • It is a large dog weighing about 25kg and needs to fully consider housing,
           medical care and maintenance costs in advance.
    • You should stay indoors.
      • For multi-family housing, please check with the management office
           for dog-related instructions.
    • In the case of housing, you have to stay indoors even if you have a yard.
      • Caregivers should not be away for more than 4 hours on a regular basis.
    • There must be an adult guardian at home.
      • Caregivers should not be away for more than 4 hours on a regular basis.
    • It may be restricted to adopt if you own or work at farms, pentions,
      cafes which are difficult for guardians to manage closely.
    • You should walk with the dog periodically.
    • You should live together with the dog as a family forever.


    • Phone interview : Check the qualifications.
    • Presentation : After attending a presentation held at the school, we will then decide whether to give you a dog or not after a final meeting.
    • Adoption : After attending a lesson about adopting dogs and you can stay with your dog.

    Application : 031-320-8922

    • Operation hour : Mon. ~ Fri, 8:00~17:00(exept weekends)